About EMBA

Who we are

EMBA is a non-profit society dedicated to advocating for and improving mountain biking in the Greater Edmonton area.


To advocate and care for Edmonton area singletrack to ensure a world class urban mountain bike experience.


EMBA provides leadership and advocacy in the areas of building and caring for singletrack trails in Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley.


Legal trails Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Cooperation & Partnership  Volunteerism and Friendship.

Adopt-A-Trail Program

EMBA started the Adopt-A-Trail program in 2010, in affiliation with the City of Edmonton.

We work with our participating members to care for Edmonton’s singletrack trails.  EMBA along with each participating member, organize and host Trail Days throughout the season while providing guidance, expertise, and resources to complete the trail work.

In 2016 we hosted 23 Trail Days with 219 Volunteers logging over 820 hours of trail care.  Trail quality continues to improve since this program began.

In 2017 we hosted 26 Trail Days with 380 Volunteers logging over 1223 hours on 38 km of Edmontons Trails. We began Winter Trail Trimming days, hosting 4 in the first 3 months.

In 2018 we hosted 26 Trail Days with 294 Volunteers logging over 718 hours on 36 km of Edmontons Trails.

Thank you Edmonton!.

participating Adopt-A-Trail members and our sponsors

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Pedalhead Bicycle Works

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HardCore Bikes

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The Wood Jedi

Mountain Equipment Co-op



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