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We’ve created this generic draft email to help you email your councilor. The draft email shows your support to EMBA’s position on the City of Edmonton’s Ribbon of Green and River Valley Modernization Project.

Use the three steps below to use our generic draft email, make sure to fill out the blanks before sending.

Step 1 - Copy the text below

Dear Councilor __[USE LIST BELOW]___,

My name is __[Full Name]___ and I have resided in Ward __[USE LIST BELOW]___for _[XX]_ years.

One of the main reason I ____[moved to / continue to reside in]____ the City of Edmonton was ___[Career/School/Close to Family/etc.,]____ and I intend on staying here for years to come, due to the amazing natural trail network in our river valley that I ride my mountain bike on, and __[list other quality of life features here]___.

The Ribbon of Green plan has raised some serious issues that will negatively affect our community if not addressed. Our city has supported and implemented multiple initiatives and programs in the past that are aimed at improving access to and connections in the river valley. These include the BREATHE initiative, Commonwealth walkway, wayfinding signs, and numerous River Valley Alliance projects. All of this encourages people to get out and explore our beautiful river valley however they would like to do so. For me, and many people, we found the sport of mountain biking. From there, we discovered a huge network of approximately 350 km of natural surface trails, and discovered that the city administration does not acknowledge their existence. These trails are world class, and consist of almost everything a mountain biker could want so close to home, and in the heart of our city.

The Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance has put in substantial volunteer effort as the ONLY community group to legally maintain some of (66 km) this multi million dollar asset that the city continues to ignore, and through the Ribbon of Green plan, is now demonizing. EMBA has my support and I would advise you to visit their website ( to read more into the conflict at hand.

The sport of mountain biking continues to grow and the dozen bike shops in Edmonton continue to thrive. We need to maintain and expand mountain biking and natural trail access as our city grows, not limit it. The “science” behind limiting cycle access is not sound, has a clear bias, and for some reason, the Ribbon of Green is accepting it and currently has removed access from 90+% of the lands that have existing trails. This will only negatively affect the user experience for everyone, and cause significant overuse problems in the few areas where cycling is allowed.

Please take the time to review what the Ribbon of Green plan is proposing and how it affects a huge portion of river valley users and caretakers, especially mountain bikers. Thank you for your time.


____[Full Name]___

____[Ph Number]___

____[Street Address]___

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Step 3 - Contact your Councilor

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