EMBA April 2022 Newsletter

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Thank you to those who already purchased a membership for 2022!  You are now entered into a draw for an awesome giveaway for Cranky’s, Revolution Cycle, AND Shift Happens! Three Winners each get a $50 gift certificate!!!

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  • This Newsletter! This is our first edition of what we hope will be a (nearly) monthly newsletter to keep you up-to date. We say nearly, cause lets face it, we would rather be riding our bikes, or maintaining trails. So we may miss a month or bring you more than one update in a month. It’s a crazy world, we know. Nevertheless, we hope to keep you more current on what’s going on and other mountain bike communities’ events through this newsletter.
  • Ribbon of Green/River Valley Modernization Plan Project: Our team continues to engage with various levels of city administration and city council. We are also preparing for the next round of the multi-staged planning project to begin. City council is hearing your voices, and we are hopeful the next public consultations will better reflect that.
  • Mountain Bike Skills Park: The Bike Park is still in the works and has already been approved via the Queen Elizabeth Park master plan. EMBA will be working to bring the process of a concept plan forward with its first draft next month in May. 
  • EMBA Adopt a Trail: Our program for trail maintenance is looking forward to upcoming trail days to start our 2022 season. To find out how you can volunteer and be a part of some on-trail fun where we plan to make them more exciting, be sure to keep following our social media or check out our page about Trail Days.
  • Trail Pop-up Booths: Keep an eye out on the trails in May as EMBA will have Pop-up Booths. Meet your EMBA, and be sure to visit and say hi!
  • Cameron Heights Trails: Last year, the single track in this area (Hyperloop and Bottle Rocket/Area 51) was closed off to public access. When this matter was brought to our attention, EMBA began to work with the land managers (EPCOR and Alberta Transportation) on discussions to restore public access to these trails and find ways to permit our volunteer-powered Adopt a Trail program to adopt these trails in our network of trails.
  • Fort Saskatchewan Trail Alliance: Recently a few members of our group worked with other riders from Fort Saskatchewan to form the Fort Saskatchewan Trail Alliance. They have worked a similar trail maintenance agreement with the City of Fort Saskatchewan to EMBA’s with Edmonton.

    Video Credit to Devon with Oxburger Studios



    We are stoked to be telling you about the next best thing to happen in the C of E for mountain bikers to test their skills! Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA) is working to develop a mountain bike skills park. This park will be open to the public and located in central Edmonton’s Queen Elizabeth Park on the site of the former Wastewater Treatment Plant. Check out how to  help make this a reality with fundraising as well as other tasks. For all the latest updates, go to https://edmbikepark.ca/


    OR look out for your EMBA volunteers hitting the trails this spring and say hey! We will have some awesome stuff to tell you about and up to date info. on the Ribbon of Green too!