EMBA August + September 2022 Newsletter


  • Droppin’ In! Its our August + September 2022 Combo Newsletter: August has been a hot one! Many of the trails are showing the signs of a hot and dry August, and hard pack trails are breaking up in some places. We need rain! The lack of any moisture in the ground makes any dirt-work on trail days impossible to do. We were a bit late getting out the August newsletter, so we decided to combine August and September. 2 for 1 Combo! Everyone wins, and it allowed us more time to work on trail work, ride bikes and finish our summer vacations! We hope you’ve had a great summer too.
  • It needs to be said: We could not exist without the support of many different bike groups and individuals in the Edmonton Mountain Bike and Trail Community like yourself, who support our efforts by volunteering for trail days through our clubs in our alliance, at our open trail days, or buying an annual membership and/or donating to our trail-funds, and/or following us on our social media, and we certainly can’t forget about the fabulous support we get from the local bike stores, and the Edmonton business community. Kudos to all of you! Your hard work and generosity helps enable us to maintain a fabulous network of trails. Our community stepped up to the plate when we made the call outs the last year(s) with emails to council, and letters to the news media, with many personal connections to and experiences you have to Edmonton River Valley and the wonderful single track network that all trail users love and enjoy! Your voice ensures we have a fair seat at the table with respects to the Ribbon of Green and the modernization of the city’s plan, and your hard work is beginning to pay off! Council has asked administration to embark on creating a Trail Strategy plan that encompasses a valley wide single track plan as part of the Ribbon of Green. Council has also permitted cycling on existing single track trails (in preservations areas) until an on-site trail assessment can be made – and those assessments have begun to occur.
  • Edmonton Mountain Bike Skills Park @ Queen Elizabeth Park: I know, we kind of said we would have some sort of initial concept drawings ready for you to look at in May, and yes, that was many months ago now. Trust me, we are just as disappointed that we don’t have anything yet as you are. We promise you that things are still very much in the works on getting a bike park going. It’s just you know, lawyers…. And its not the City (or their lawyers) causing any delays. The City and their admin team working with us has been a stellar partner to work with, and they have provided their friendly guidance through many of the stages of paper work required to get this thing going. Seriously though, things are progressing and moving along in many aspects, and with the Edmonton Mountain Bike Festival (EMBFest) just around the corner, what could be a better time to bring out the concept drawings than that! I know you can wait just another week. Stay tuned! Or better yet, see us at EMBFest. The festival main location is at the Bike Park’s future home! We are looking forward to presenting some concept drawings, and hopefully an aerial shot of what we envision in the bike park.
  • EMBFest is Next Weekend (Sept 9th – 11th)!  Have you signed up for any of the events yet? Will you be attending the Expo or Beer gardens? EMBA is hosting trail days at Goldbar and Dawson park through EMBFest, and there is still lots of room to join! These trail days will be the same as our regular Open Trail days! All trail users are welcome to join. Click this link and find the trail days in the list of events to sign up.
    EMBFest is also looking for other volunteers to assist in various aspects. All volunteers will receive a single day all access pass following their first completed shift. Become a VIB (Very Important Biker) and sign up by going to the EMBFest Volunteer Page!
  • Adam Luciuk of Offbeat Entertainment is ready for EMBFest September 9 to 11th
    • Ribbon Of Green updates: In late July, EMBA received permission from the city to maintain Six Shooter and Ray Gun trails. This was the first step in returning trails that we had maintained in the past since city council passed the motion to let EMBA maintain trails in preservation areas at the end of May. Hardcore Bikes stepped up with a trail day in late July, and as part of the city process EMBA  walked the trail after this trail day with two city departments showing them exactly the work we do. We got their approval as we improved sight-lines as well as drainage. The City is requesting EMBA to eliminate one entrance to Six Shooter off of Saskatchewan Drive, and they also asked EMBA to help with some tree planting in the area. EMBA fully supports the city’s suggestions if we are allowed to ride on the trails and maintain them. This is a small step that was a long-time in the making, and it is a positive step EMBA is looking forward to, as it can accelerate the process to adopt more trails in the city over the next few years. The next trails we will walk for approval are A Loop Through the Forest, U of A 1 to 6, Fancut, EMP Blast, and EMP Descent. Timing for the walk has not been set yet but EMBA hopes to have approval to maintain these trails by the end of September.
    • EMBA’s Single Track Trail Master Plan: The committee met in June and had a preliminary meeting in regards to what to include in the Master Plan. Now the ongoing work includes developing a structure (charter) in regards to how to go about drafting the plan. The purpose of the master plan is to identify and help communicate our vision for the network of single track trails.
    • Local Ski Hills in YEG and EMBA: We’ve been chatting with one of the local ski hills in River Valley on opening up summer operations with places to have a drink and social after a ride, and updating their facilities to support mountain biking and cycling (and other summer activities) with the potential of new trails, opening/fixing up old trails and of of course includes EMBA maintaining trails in and around their area. Keep checking our newsletters for more news on this!
    • EMBA Bylaw Update: EMBA continues to make progress in finalizing our bylaws update and further establishing our alliance. The Bylaw committee continues to meet and we will have another update in an upcoming newsletter.
    • EMBA Adopt-a-Trail – August Trail Maintenance: Another busy month! Work has now been completed on more than 50 trails! Thank you to the many groups and volunteers that make this happen! That sweet trail karma is growing immensely after last month! EMBA hosted two open trail days in August which saw work completed in Terwillegar Park on Go and Dave’s Trail, while another trail day saw work completed on McAloon Rip in McNally.
      Adopt-a-Trail leaders worked with their clubs to complete work on many trails as well, including West Beach, Buckle, Brew Master, Belt, Stout, Bohemian Maid, Old Brewery Cut, and Six Shooter / Ray Gun
    • National Urban Park: We hope to bring you another update in our October newsletter as certain parts our river valley could be re-designated as a National Urban Park
    • Are you hosting a mountain bike race, event or something to you want to get out to the community? Drop us a line – let us know what’s going on. Contact us. We’d love to support, share and help get the word out to our members and followers.
    • Keep Everyone Smiling: Friendly Reminder on Trail Etiquette

      Be aware of other trail users – all trails are multi-use and multi-directional

      Mountain bikers yield to people on foot

      Mountain bikers going down yield to mountain bikers going up

      Bells and yells help others know you are on the trail

      Stay alert and keep it mellow at trail exits and junctions

      Stay in control of your bike

      LOOK OUT in MacKinnon Ravine! CAUTION!!!

      Wonder Woman / Museum Hill / Purple Haze / Diana Prince / Widowers Crack / Widow Maker  trails are blocked off at the bottom of each trail by fencing as well as rope that can be injurious while riding! The City of Edmonton has closed the paved trail at the bottom of these mountain bike trails and others in the area while they focus on erosion in the area and complete construction. CLICK HERE for more information and updates.

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      UPCOMING Open Trail Days: Click the link to join.

      September 10th – Gold Digger / Moonraker / Sideline

      September 11th – Dawson Traverse / Jasper Ave. Traverse / Dawson Park

      Fort Saskatchewan Trail Alliance

    • Fort Saskatchewan Boat Launch: FTSA redid the entry to the Boat Launch which resulted in a good cooperation for future work.
    • It’s Official: FTSA now has an official agreement with the City of Fort Saskatchewan to maintain the trails!
    • FTSA Trail Days: Saturday, September 17th. You can find out more by going to FTSA Trail Maintenance page.
    • Trail Signage / Naming: FTSA is getting signage set up as well as beginning the process of naming trails.
    • Fort Saskatchewan Trail Alliance Website: Goto https://fortsasktrails.ca/
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