EMBA October 2022 Newsletter


  • Thanks to Blindman Brewing for your support and generosity for those who worked the trail days and needed to quench their thirst.

  • Thanks to Milwaukee Tools for arming our volunteers with top-quality gear allowing for keeping our single track single and keeping the forest view pristine.

  • Thanks to Hardcore BikesRevolution CycleMud Sweat and GearsShift Happens, and Crankys for your unwavering support for EMBA and mountain biking in general here in YEG.

  • Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who went out these past few months and gave our trails some TLC. Your efforts make for great riding experiences as well as for all others who venture onto the trails.

  • Thanks to the many groups and organizations who get out there and lead trail maintenance days by using EMBA’s Adopt-A-Trail Program.
  • Thanks to the City of Edmonton for continuing to allow us to maintain the single track network in preservation areas.

  • Thanks to Adam Luciuk and Offbeat Entertainment for a great weekend at the Edmonton Mountain Bike Festival in September. The first one and glad EMBFest is coming back in 2023!

  • Thank you to all those who took the time to fill out the recent Survey on a National Urban Park in Edmonton, and ensuring the voice of the Edmonton Mountain Bike Community is heard.

  • Thank you to all those who make up the current board for EMBA as every little bit you do helps to ensure mountain biking here in Edmonton continues for decades to come! Shout out to Joe, Kent, Michael T, Mike E, Matt, John, Josh, Lisa, Alyssa, Ryan, Chris R, Jim, Sam, Chris W, Shantel, Jesse, Mike D, Mike S, Michael M, Natalie to name a few!

  • Finally, but never-ending, thank you to everyone who supports EMBA by reading the newsletters as well as becoming a member! We welcome you to get more involved any time and always appreciate your feedback so the mountain biking community can continue to grow in YEG. Again, thank you!

    • Trail Etiquette: Let’s all remember to continue to be courteous and friendly out there. Ring your bell and say hello and thank you to those you pass! Often, other trail users will step off a trail to let you quickly bypass. Be sure to give other users lots of warning with a ring of your bell or a quick shout-out well in advance. Not everyone out there is as nimble as a cyclist, and some can’t as easily jump off a trail or may have a dog that just doesn’t understand! As we get further into spring, nature takes over, and we lose our sightlines through the trees. Stay Alert and keep in mind that there may be someone else coming around that next corner, so a bear bell can be even better for warning other users of your approach.

    • Mountain Bike Skills Park The Bike Park Committee has met on-site with a designer to start a full concept plan! This plan comes with a cost whcih we have covered some of it with personal bike donations. We are very short of our $250k fundraising goal. Grants and government funding will hopefully cover the remainder of our $1 million budget. We are also presenting to council this fall, and look for their support in funding too. Our Bike Park Team is blown away by the positive feedback from our EMBFest presentation! Thanks to all those who donated and continue to donate to make this a reality! Thanks to Josh for the awesome presentation at EMBFest and thank you NDP MLA David Shepherd for introducing Josh and especially supporting this project!

    • EMBA Singletrack Trail Master Plan: The recently formed committee to develop EMBA’s vision for the Single Track Master Plan continues its work in the coming months and continues to meet to complete the plan. Developing this plan aims to help build and communicate EMBA’s vision for a sustainable, connected, single-track trail network today and in the future. If you have had experience developing these sorts of things for other communities in the past, we would love to hear from you!

    • Ribbon of Green / River Valley Modernization Project: EMBA met with the city of Edmonton and went for a walk on September 28th together in Dawson Park. Those in attendance had a good discussion where there was a better understanding of each other’s goals in regards to the single track trails. EMBA aims to establish a trail network in the city meeting volume demand of those who ride and to limit / reduce illegal trail building. It was learned that our goals are very much the same. EMBA continues to meet as well as work with the City of Edmonton in reaching our goals. We look forward to building a strong relationship with city supporting one another with the trail network in YEG.

    • National Urban Park: A survey was recently circulated by the City of Edmonton’s National Urban Park Initiative, and closed on October 10, 2022. EMBA has an underlying concern that any National Urban Park in our river valley needs to have a governance model that remains accountable to the citizens of Edmonton through our elected City Council, and that provides access for a variety of user experiences in a manner that is entirely consistent with the input that the City has received in the course of its River Valley Planning Modernization project for a new Ribbon of Green. The survey may have closed but we can still share our ideas and ensure our voices as the Edmonton Mountain Bike Community is heard. Add your idea and remind the city why we are excited for a National Urban Park in Edmonton and what it can do for mountain biking.

    • Bottle Rocket / Coyote / Area 51: EMBA continues to have discussions with EPCOR throughout the year. Trails like Bottle Rocket, Coyote, and Area 51 have yet to be transferred to the city, but it is still going to happen.

    • Future EMBA Trail Days: As recent trail maintenance days have been good, EMBA continues to work year-round as well as improve on organizing trail days. Stay tuned as we are excited to do some trail days in the near future including in the winter with trimming work. Your support is greatly appreciated and can’t wait to see you out there.

    • EMBA Memberships: EMBA held a draw recently for all members to be entered including any new members. Thank you every one for your support, and we are so excited to announce six winners who each get a $50.00 gift card: Thomas C, Albert L, Sylvain L, Steve S, Trudy N, and Shawn A. Thank you Cranky’sRevolution Cycle, and Shift Happens for your generous support to our members!

    • Fort Saskatchewan Trail Alliance: FSTA continues to work hard on the trails and that included a very successful trail day on September 24th. Twenty eight volunteers came out which included some great help from the young trail users. FTSA is meeting with the Fort Saskatchewan city council on a movement to do a study for a bike park, and if this is something worth pursuing. They are trying to get support for this study, and if this is something you want in Fort Saskatchewan, email sheryl_exley@fortsask.ca

    EMBA @ EMBFest 2022

    Thanks to Everyone who stopped by our booth at EMBFest to learn more about EMBA and what we are doing. We were and are still stoked to share with anyone about the Mountain Bike Skills Park being built right here in YEG! Was great to see support from NDP MLA David Shepherd! Thanks to City of Edmonton Councillors Ashley Salvador and Michael Janz for stopping by too! To learn more and to keep up to date CLICK HERE.

    Fort Saskatchewan Trail Alliance

    After a very successful trail day on September 24 where twenty eight volunteers including young trail users came out to help, FTSA did it once more on October 23rd (See Below courtesy of Kevin Romanyshyn) including work on a popular feature. Volunteers of all ages came and pitched in on another successful day.

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