Ribbon of Green – Engage Edmonton

This Saturday, September 17, the City of Edmonton is hosting a public engagement session at Londonderry Mall for a number of current projects, two of which are of significant importance to mountain bike riders; the River Valley Planning Modernization (Ribbon of Green) project and the proposed National Urban Park (details here: https://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/public_engagement/engage-edmonton). Please attend, so we can reinforce to the City of Edmonton the importance of natural surface trails to our quality of life!

Key points for your consideration:

  • Earlier this year, based on significant public demand, City Council directed that cycling be included as a permitted use of trails in areas currently or proposed to be designated as “preservation areas” under the Ribbon of Green, pending further unfunded study. It is important that cyclists continue to show support for this decision.

  • Cycling is prohibited on trails in Rouge National Urban Park. It is apparent that some people view the NUP proposal as another opportunity to ban cycling on river valley trails. City Council has indicated that any proposal for a NUP in Edmonton’s river valley should be consistent with the direction established by the new Ribbon of Green plan. It is important for City Council to hear that residents support this guidance for the National Urban Park proposal.
  • AI generated art for 'Edmonton Skyline RiverValley Trails'