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Sign Up Day is Here!

Thanks for Your Support! The Ribbon of Green's Phase 3 Engagement Workshops are Open For Registration. A total of 5 Engagement Opportunities are listed, so please make sure to register for the Public Workshops (Virtual / In-Person) unless you are Stakeholder.

Public Workshops: June 20, 2023: 6-8pm Virtual / June 24, 2023: 1-3:30pm In Person

OUR ASK IS SIMPLE: "Confirm City Council’s direction to permit mountain biking on any existing natural surface trail in the river valley where foot traffic is allowed." Please attend the public engagement workshops and add your voice. Our sincerest thanks for your support!

Also an FYI: There will be two Pop-Up Engagements in the River Valley. June 18th at the Buena Vista / Sir Wilfred Laurier Parks, and June 24th at Kinsmen Park. Be sure to ride by!

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