Volunteers are the key cog of Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance. They are the driving force behind all of our trail building and maintenance activities. Edmonton would not have the amazing single track network it has without all the individuals who donate their time and energy.

Adopt a Trail Volunteers

If you love Edmonton’s single track trail network, want to spend more time in the river valley amongst nature and like-minded individuals, and keen to help build and maintain sustainable trail networks that future generations will be able to appreciate? Why not volunteer as an Adopt a Trail Volunteer

1. Become a Trail Supporter – Buy a Single or Family Trail Supporter Pass. We will send you EMBA Trail Supporter Sticker(s), Trail Supporter Pass(es) (which can be used for discounts at some retail stores that have partnered with EMBA), and will be signed up to our EMBA newsletters and volunteer call-out.

2. Subscribe to our EMBA Newsletter and Volunteer Call-Out – Free!

3. Join one of the many bikes clubs that have an Alliance with EMBA, and participate in their trail days

Adopt a Trail Leaders

Have you participated in a few trail days, and/or have a group you want to lead on trail day(s)? Become an Adopt a Trail Leader! We will train you for free! Adopt a Trail Leader receive our Adopt a Trail Leader training every year before they are permitted to lead a trail day. The Leader training goes over all our trail day procedures and rules and guidelines for trail days. We can also provide you with first aid training, specialized trail building and maintenance courses, and not to mention all sorts of other opportunities as they come along.
Sound like something you are interested in? Just Contact Us!


Do you represent an organziation or corporation and are looking to host a trail day, or become more involved with EMBA? Contact Us!