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ACTION REQUIRED - Ribbon of Green Public Engagement: Phase 3

Heads Up! The Ribbon of Green project team will open up registration for their next phase (Phase 3) public engagement workshops on Monday June 5th. There are two workshops that you can sign up for:

June 20 | 6-8pm – Virtual June 24 | 1-3:30pm – In Person (Kinsmen Sports Centre)


Last year, after the Phase 2 engagement, City Council approved cycling on the river valley natural surface trails on an interim basis, pending on the ground assessment of the trails through a proposed Trail Strategy. However, the Trail Strategy did not receive funding in the Fall Budget, and progress towards review of the trail system has been slow. OUR ASK IS SIMPLE: "Confirm City Council’s direction to permit mountain biking on any existing natural surface trail in the river valley where foot traffic is allowed." Please attend the public engagement workshops and add your voice. Here’s the information and a link to register on MONDAY JUNE 5th:

Public Workshops As an interested Edmontonian, participate in a facilitated discussion about the project. Public Workshops will take place on: June 20 | 6-8pm – Virtual June 24 | 1-3:30pm – In Person (Kinsmen Sports Centre) In addition to the workshops there will be two Pop-up engagement opportunities later in June and an interactive portal and a survey. Links for the portal and survey will be sent out June 12 and we will forward them as soon as we get them. Please take the time to attend one of the public engagement workshops, to make sure they hear our voices again. Thanks! Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance Board of Directors

We at EMBA want to reiterate that we do support the Ribbon of Green initiative but still feel that not all user groups have had the opportunity to make their voices heard for what shapes this plan. We want to help ensure that our highly used singletrack system is available and maintained in a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion to allow us and the generations to come the opportunity to enjoy our Ribbon of Green to the fullest!

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