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May 2024 Newsletter

The mountain bike season is in full swing now and there’s lots happening around your local trails and in the river valley.  The city has awarded us a significant amount of new trails to maintain, which shows their commitment to fostering responsible trail management. Of course that’s great news, but it comes with a need for more volunteer hours this year.

If you’ve never participated in a trail night, make the commitment this year to attend one.  You can view the trail calendar on our website at and keep your eye out for emails and social media posts. If you’ve attended a few nights and want to do more, reach out to our AAT Lead Coordinators at and let them know you’re interested.

Some of our executive will be at the RVA Trail Days celebration this Saturday, June 1. Stop by the booth, say hi, ask questions and share your input.  We hope to see you there and we hope your riding season is enjoyable.

The EMBA Executive

In this Edition

  • The RVA International Trails Day is Saturday, June 1 at Alfred Savage Centre at Whitemud Park

  • The Edmonton Mountain Bike Film Fest was a hit (again)

  • EMBA received another generous donation from Mud Sweat and Gears

  • Our first trail day of the year was May 24 on GO Trail and Purple Bench

  • Bridge repair on The Trap slated for September


RVA International Trails Day Celebration: Saturday, June 1 at Whitemud Park

EMBA is excited to be participating in the River Valley Alliance’s International Trails Day Celebration this Saturday, June 1 at the Alfred Savage Centre in Whitemud Park. The RVA will host a guided walk at 10:00AM for the first 40 people who register.

There’s a BBQ from 11:30AM to 1:00PM and info booths will be open from 9:30AM to 1:00PM.  Stop by, say hi, grab a bite and learn what’s developing in your river valley.  You can learn more at


The Edmonton Mountain Bike Film Fest was a big hit

by Gavin Radzick

Once again this year, the Garneau Theatre hosted the Edmonton Mountain Bike Film fest on Saturday, April 20 to a sold-out show. The winner of the Local Legends Film Contest won $500 from Mud Sweat and Gears and the event raised $8,421 towards the bike park.  If you stopped by the EMBA booth and bought a t-shirt from Jesse and me, I’d like to pass along a ‘thank you’.  Everyone had a great time and it sounds like an after-party is starting to develop after the show.  If Adele and Vixen Racing put on the event next year, make sure to mark your calendar and get your tickets early.

Special thanks to Dawson Wildemann for taking the photos


Mud Sweat and Gears makes a $2,500 donation to EMBA

Paul Burgess from Mud Sweat and Gears recently presented EMBA with a donation of $2,500 and we want to pass along a very big ‘Thank you’!  Paul has always been a big supporter of EMBA and we really appreciate everything his shops do for us.

That is 100% what Joe rides in when he's mountain biking

Our first trail night was Friday, May 24 on GO Trail and Purple Bench

Our VP and resident trail wizard Kent Zucchet hosted an AAT Lead training night last Friday, May 24 on GO Trail.  They filled that janky hole around the corner by the tree (you know which one I mean). If you see anything that needs attention, shoot an email to and we’ll put it on the list.

Here is the before, during and after. A thank you to everyone volunteered!


Work on the bridge on The Trap approved and slated for September

The City of Edmonton has given the go-ahead to make repairs to the bridge on The Trap, which some of you know as ‘the frog bridge’.  The bridge is missing some slats and is in need of repairs or replacement.  In order to maintain our relationship with the city, we have agreed to wait until September to have the work done. 

As we get closer to the date, we’ll let you know if we need volunteers.

In the meantime, Jesse and Kent ask that you DO NOT attempt to make any repairs yourself.  They appreciate your gumption, but we want trail work done in a controlled, organized manner that involves the city.  You’ll be riding a new bridge in no time!


May 2024 Updates from EMBA

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