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Ribbon of Green Phase 4 Consultation and Jan Reimer Park Survey


Hello again! The City of Edmonton is looking for additional feedback on two critical projects within our beautiful city's greenspace! Phase 4 of the Ribbon of Green consultation will be going on from June 10-28 and there is an online survey for Jan Reimer Park (formerly Oleskiw Park) redevelopment with on online survey from June 4 to 23.


More consultation is being undertaken for the City's Ribbon of Green Plan.  Available from the above linked signup page is also the feedback received from Phase 3.  From what we can see there is generally great support for our single track system from all avenues of the population, but some people do have issues with negative trail interactions among several other things. Attending this session will allow you to voice your opinion of what EMBA and the community can do to help with these issues.  Some examples of areas we can contribute - that people have been asking about for years - are allowing signage/wayfinding which will increase communication to all trail users of the intended uses of the trails and keep folks on the appropriate trails, and less impediments to maintenance and building/rerouting. Everyone has their own views on what can be done better but sometimes our hands our tied when we bring up these suggestions. This is your opportunity to show the vast support of our community's ideas which we have brought forth before and provide and other ideas, opinions, and information you have.


The second item is around Jan Reimer (formerly Oleskiw) Park.  There was a master plan developed for this area in 2020, but it did not make the budget cut. The current survey looks at ways to allow the park area as shown in the photo above to renaturalise.  Now is the time to get some more ideas in! Please note that with this plan the Petes will not be affected, but maybe there's something more you'd like to see here.



We once again thank everyone for the vast support and are immensely proud of the community for continuing to advocate for our amazing trail network!

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